How hackathons drive innovation for charitable sector

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There are many companies who are looking to give back in a strategic way to organizations who serve various communities. Also, when it comes to technology nonprofits lack the knowledge and resources to implement it in their operations. Generally funding is not easily accessible for innovative projects that will support the organizations and this is why an intervention like a hackathon is a great idea for the organization, company involved and the participants who are looking to gain experience while learning from each other.

What are Hackathons?

They are a 24 to 48 hours events which gather designers, coders, software engineers and other participants with various other skills to come together and participate in a solution driven event. This is a great opportunity for participants to innovate, ideate, and rapidly prototype a creative technological solution to a unique challenge. Most times there is no compensation for participating in a hackathon, however,  the benefits can be greater than a monetary return. Having the opportunity to work with a group of people who come from various backgrounds, to network with companies who are looking for talent, and, best feeling of all, to give back to a cause that is life-changing for the community of people who need it most is the compensation that most participants will get. And, food, lots of it!

What do companies gain from hackathons?

Companies involved in hackathons are generally sponsors and they also participate by volunteering at the event for various reasons and in various ways such as employee volunteering their expertise participation in the hackathon as well as seeking talent from the participants at these events. This a great way to turn such events into job fairs and see first hand if the person that will apply for a job in this company will fit in with the culture of the company and if the future employee brings in the skills needed to further the mission of the company.

The marketing generated from hackathons is priceless as it allows the company involved to promote to stakeholders the good that was done by offering to support a charity in a new and innovative way; bringing together experts and lending tools needed to bring the charity up to date with today’s innovation.

How do charities benefit from hackathons? 

Technology is expensive and many charities lack funding in order to update their technology as necessary. Technology is also an integral part of the operational aspect of any organization. These hackathons provide charities with functional and usable tech solutions.  During these hackathons, the charities will have the opportunity to have more than one solution to their challenge that they are facing. When the hackathon is finished, charities then have the opportunity to take the solution and raise funds to execute or they will have the opportunity to work with participants to finish the project.

There are many reasons and ways in which hackathons can be a great solution to not only the charity but also a great way for a company to give back while bringing together a community of coders, data scientists, designers and other skilled people to help others and work on a solution to make the world a better place.

Are you ready to learn if your company is a great fit to be involved in hackathons or any other ways to benefit from giving back? Contact us today or simply fill out this form and we will be happy to work together to come up with a solution to your corporate responsibility strategy.

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