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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy

We are here to help you with a strategy that creates a positive business and marketing strategy to help your business grow while giving back, strategically.

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Nonprofit Advisory Services

We are the go-to agency that nonprofit organizations trust to connect with the people who can help them discover the solutions to their most difficult challenges.

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Student Portfolio Building

We are here to help students in their last years of study with portfolio building while connecting them with great causes and experiential learning opportunities.

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Why Socially Strategic?

Becoming a socially responsible business, it’s THE most important aspect of your business success. We can help you design a CSR Strategy that is proven to “speak” to your stakeholders while sharing the impact your business is making in that particular community. We understand that is crucial to make sure that, while your business creates an impact in your community, your staff is aligned with your mission and vision and that of the community you serve. We are here to support you and your staff design the best CSR strategy that speaks to the entire company.

Why is that important? It is most likely that your employees will be engaged in delivering this strategy, therefore, you want your employees to become active supporters of the causes that will help your business grow.  

Besides designing a CSR Strategy, we are here to connect you with a grassroots or nonprofit organization that aligns with your business’ mission. We understand that it is hard to know which organization shares the same mission as your business’s values. There are thousands of grassroots non-profit organizations who can benefit from your support, however, knowing which organization is best invested in is key to your business’ growth.

We work with thousands of organizations supporting various causes. Let us help you find the organization that best fits your mission.


Why Hire Us?

We are passionate about the community we serve and the businesses who impact these communities in a positive way. Allow us to help you connect with the community you serve, strategically.